Internal spine labels for SLIM compact disc cases  
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The CD Slimspine™ is a unique patented adhesive label that is mounted inside the spine of a slim compact disc case, allowing you to see what's on your slim CD and DVD cases from the side. Print directly onto the labels by using a downloadable Microsoft Word template or by using our own printing software, or simply write by hand.
The unique design for this label was sparked by a need. It's the same need that brought you here – a way to label the spines on your stacks of slim CD and DVD cases. Slim CD cases (also known as slimline cases or slim jewel cases) save space because they can be doubled-up in standard CD storage slots, but without spine labels there's no identification for the contents on each disc from the side. The CD Slimspine™ label solves this problem quickly, easily and perfectly. It’s the only patented internally-mounted adhesive spine label for slim jewel cases.
Get Organized
The CD Slimspine™ label is not just an office product. It's an essential organizational tool - an accessory to a product that everyone already has. The labels are provided on 4"x6" perforated sheets that contain five labels each, allowing for easy hand writing or printing in your home printer. Labels work in most transparent slim jewel cases for CD's, DVD's and even Blu-Rays.
So do what so many others are doing - organize your slim disc cases with the CD Slimspine™ label, made right here in the USA. Visit our Purchase page to make a secure online payment through PayPal, and get started right now!
Not just an office product – an organizational tool
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